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An Octopus' Garden in the Sea

Living in Florida one cannot help but respond to the call of the sea. The myriad hues of turquoise, green, sea foam, and aquamarine denote tranquility or storm depending on their intensity. In this piece, I have tried to capture the playfulness of an octopus in its garden beneath the sea. The octopus is a carved boxwood ojime bead. It is surrounded by various beads of turquoise, jade, sea glass, aquamarine, carved jade, recycled glass, carnelian, and goldstone. Bali silver beads and sterling clasp complete the necklace. The piece is a hand strung freeform design.

The Year of the Rat

I was born in the year of the Rat, so when I saw this carved Tagua Nut with the rat, I knew I had to design something with him in mind. Tagua nuts are found in Indonesia and South America. Tagua is called "tree ivory". The work is a free form hand strung design. It is composed of carnelian, yellow turquoise, recycled glass and safe ivory beads. Turtle Moon Glass beads accent various sections. Sterling silver clasp.

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"The observation of nature is part of an artist's life. It enlarges his form knowledge, keeps him fresh, and feeds inspiration."
Henry Moore
Rhinonycertis - The Orange Leaf Nosed Bat

Since fall and Halloween are my favorite time of year the Tagua nut bat was a perfect find for a new creation. The piece is hand strung and twisted to produce the design. New jade, pearls and seed beads create the perfect haven for the bat. Sterling silver clasp.


I love the illusiveness of the dragonfly as it darts from the water to cattail to rest a moment before continuing its journey. This piece was inspired by the brass dragonfly I found. The double strands that suspend it are composed of Bali silver, Peruvian opal roundels and disc beads. Aquamarine, seed beads, quartz, and a Sterling silver clasp complete the strands.

Dancing Mermaids

Returning to the sea, I used various carved ojime boxwood mermaid beads to create the piece. It is a hand strung single strand necklace composed of faceted, round, and rectangular aquamarine beads, Peruvian opals in various shapes, recycled glass nuggets and beads. Bali silver beads, silver triangles and clam shell beads accent the strand throughout. A small ojime fish dangles from a sterling silver clasp.

In the collection of Marcia Getz of Davie, Florida

Unless marked otherwise, all jewelry is available for purchase.
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